Phoenix Meditec Canada LTD

Phoenix Meditec Canada was established with the aim of preventing the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses in order to promote a healthy society. We do this by importing high-quality items from Korea to countries worldwide—including Canada. Not only have our products been certified by the KF94 Test Inspection in Korea and the FDA, but they are also imported directly from our head office in Korea so that we can supply our products to the public quickly and inexpensively.


A : Manufacture Name : Phoenix Meditec Co., Ltd.
Address : 15,Suchul-daero 5-gil, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea
Tel : +82-54-472-2003 / Fax : +82-54-473-2006

B: Factory Status
- Factory 1(mask production area) : 743.8sqm
- Factory 2(mask production area) : 2,555.4sqm
- Factory 3(mask production area) : 1,606.6sqm

C: Mask production(30 lines as of May 18,2020)
- Monthly production per line : 900,000 Ea
- Monthly production of 30 lines : 27,000,000 Ea
- Monthly production during day/night production : 54,000,000 Ea

D: Expansion plan of mask production
- Scheduled to have 100 lines by the end of August 2020(currently under construction)
- Maimum Monthly production form September 2020 : 180,000,000 Ea

E: Mask production through the latest equipment



1. IT’S SAFE : Uses a quadruple-layer filter system that protects you against over 94% of airborne particles including fine dust and germs.

2. IT’S COMFORTABLE : Three-dimensional structure for optimal coverage, fit, and comfort.

3. IT’S LIGHT & BREATHABLE : Weighs less than 5g, and its ultra-breathable filtration system allows for longer wear.
That’s right—it won’t fog up your glasses!

4. IT’S HYGIENIC : Individually packed for optimal hygiene and minimal contamination.

5. IT’S NON-MEDICAL & GOV’T APPROVED : Certified by the KF94 Test Inspection in Korea and the FDA.

A. What is KF?
KF stands for Korea Filter, The mask for health uses a number after the letter KF to indicate the particle blocking performance of the product.

B. KF80 mask
By blocking over 80% of fine particles (average particle size 0.6 micro m)
It can protect the respiratory system from particulate matter such as yellow dust and fine dust.

C. KF94 mask
By blocking over 94% of fine particles (average particle size 0.4 micro m)
It can protect the respiratory system from particulate matter such as yellow dust and fine dust.

D. Health mask
Since September 2014, the Korea Food and Drug Administration has classified only products with particle blocking performance as health masks(non-phamaceutical products). In the case of this product, the word KF80 or KF94 is written on the product along with the word quasi-drug.

E."PUREBLUE Mask" was recognized for its best quality through KF94 certification.




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